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Book Review #2


Code Orange by Caroline B. Cooney just keeps getting better and better!

In the fifth chapter Mitty wakes up very tired with insomnia.That morning Olivia gave Mitty ANOTHER smallpox book! He started to read the book and he noticed that he had a smallpox symptom,a soar throat!In English that day Mrs.Abrams finally gave the class their Beowulf tests. Usually Mitty just writes down useless information on tests but this time he was very thorough!In biology Mitty turned in his smallpox report early and the teacher,Mr.Lynch, was very happy with his over achievement!For the rest of class that day Mitty researched smallpox vaccinations.One site said that a company once donated millions of vaccinations for the president to hand out! At the end of class Mitty glanced at Olivia, her face was crusting over as if she was diagnosedwith smallpox even though she did not have the disease! This deadly disease was taking over Mitty Blake’s life! Now every second of every day a reminder was going of in Mitty’s head that screamed “YOU HANDLED SMALLPOX”!

Now Mitty had another symptom for small pox!He could not even get liquids down his throat anymore!When Mitty got home he decided to trash the envelopebut when he got to his room all the antique books were gone!Mitty was shivering!So he looked up rigor, a smallpox symptom and of coarse it meantto shiver!He soon looked to see if there was a small pox hospital any where near him! There was and it was in Rooseveltwhich was only about ten minutes away!He road a tram to the deserted island!There was one road in Roosevelt and at the very end there was a big wire fence with “NO TRESSPASSING” signs all around it!Then he saw an open door and walked on in!Then Mitty noticed that he was not in a horror city but were spider man was filmed!Then his mom called and he took the tram back home to have dinner!Mitty had still not told  anyone about the scabs!It had now been four days since Mitty inhaled the dust and he still had not been vaccinated!!!

In chapter seven Mitty’snight was terrible!He had dreams about smallpox and woke on his bedroom floor like in scary movies.He woke at 9:45 that morning still thinking about smallpox and not even caring that his mom was furious because he was late for school!That day in English Mitty’s teacher was very happy with the fact that Mitty was so intriguedwith his Biology project.That afternoon at lunch Mittyfelt died!He didn’t want to sit with anyone and could care less what anyone hadto say!Soon the symptoms were getting so bad that when Mittytried to swallow the item would just sit in his mouth!That after noon Mitty agreed to go to the girls basket ball game to watch Olivia!Later that day Olivia gave Mitty a book that explained that a while back in China the people would crush up small pox scabs and inhale them and that would not make them sick but make them healthy!Mitty was so happy to where he started singing in the library!That day at the basketball game Mitty kissed Olivia on the lips and thought that he was the luckiest boy in the whole world!

For me chapter 8 of the book hes been the most exiting!The drive to Mitty’s country side getaway was terrible!There was snow and rain every where!That afternoon the whole Blake family watched the girls U Conn basketball game!His family was in the best mood ever and Mitty finally realizedexactly how much he loves his parents!Sunday morning the Blakefamily drove back to their apartment.That night Mitty did some more research on small pox.He learned that the scab sniffing did not work and he actually was infected with smallpox!He was in a horrible mood, like smallpox had sucked all the joy out of his life!One site that that if you got the vaccine before the fourth day you would be okay but it had been a whole week since Mittyinhaled the dust!No vaccine could help Mitty now!That night Mitty could not sleep and he had the strange urge to wash his hands.At three am that day Mitty went on a CDC website.He posted a question that asked if he was the only one who had smallpoxremains?He also told a doctorthat was on the website every thing that had happened to him!He had soon written emails to 3 different infectious disease websites!Mitty now only had a few more safe days till the disease took over his whole body!

All Mitty Blakecould think about was the responses to his emails!Could he even trust the answers?That day at school he didn’t talk to anyone ,not even Olivia!She wondered what was wrong but Mitty just tried to hide his illness!When Mitty checked his email that afternoon he had 27 waiting messages!All the emails pretty much said that they wanted to examine the scabs and meet Mitty.One guy wanted to buy the scabs and another had contacted the FBI!!!

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“Book Review #2”

  1. November 28th, 2010 at 9:21 pm       ilovelit Says:

    these are really good, well-written, long, detailed posts! You could have probably broken them up into three shorter ones though.

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